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We’ve got a stellar team - that is no doubt! However, many hands make light work. 

Our team needs volunteers. Whether you're keen to get your hands dirty with bricks and mortar or you'd rather keep then clean behind a keyboard, we could use your help. If you’re able to volunteer your skills and time or even eager to travel to Slovakia to help us, please get in touch!

Practical help is appreciated as much as financial help.

Together We Create Hope

We have set up a fundraising goal to cover the installation of insulation, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, beds and food. Upon arrival in Slovakia, we also have a minibus ready to get the first 12 refugees from the Ukrainian border to warm and safe housing.

The sooner we can reach our fundraising goal, the sooner we can provide shelter.

Become an AWESOME Sponsor

Rocketspark is kindly sponsoring this website - what if your organisation could do something as epic? Whether that be financially, or by donating goods and services - we would love to hear from you.

What's in there for you and your brand? 
First, a huge sense of positive contribution to this world - you'll go to bed knowing your business has helped war refugees getting a safe roof above their heads. Second, a ton of exposure for your brand across two continents, four countries and two trade unions.

Our incredible team of volunteers gathers people from Aotearoa NZ, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, France with networks that spread far beyond borders. Our digital footprint may still be young but our intentions have got a worldwide reach. 

Contact us to know more.

Building Supplies Sponsors

Here's to all of our sponsors who've joined our mission! Thank you for your invaluable contribution of building materials. 


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