Doing nothing is NOT an option.

Shelter for Ukraine is a New Zealand-based not-for-profit project offering aid and safe housing to Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia.

Who We Are

We’re Tristram & Tamara - together we co-founded the Taylor McCabe Institute (TMI). In a world full of divisiveness it's paramount that we, who have the opportunity to do so, reflect the potential for a positive future. 

What We Do

In the rural village of Nemcinany, Slovakia - 5 hours away from the Ukrainian border, we've acquired two 90-foot long barns with the goal of transforming them into a shelter for refugees.

How You Help

Although we’ve got a stellar team and were initially self-funded, if you're willing to volunteer your time/skills or contribute financially, you can help us achieve our goal to offer a home to 40 people for at least two years.

Together We Create Hope

We have set up a fundraising goal to cover the installation of insulation, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, beds and food. Upon arrival in Slovakia, we also have a minibus ready to get the first 12 refugees from the Ukrainian border to warm and safe housing.

The sooner we can reach our fundraising goal, the sooner we can provide shelter.

YOU can be the change for a better tomorrow

On the 24th of February 2022, like the rest of the world, you learnt about the millions of lives forced to evacuate their homes due to the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine. Over the weeks that followed, Europe faced its largest refugee crisis since WWII with over 5 millions civilians - mostly women and children - seeking safe shelter.

Doing nothing is NOT an option.

A NZ-based non-profit project

Shelter for Ukraine is a New Zealand-based philanthropic project created by the Taylor McCabe Institute offering aid and a safe house to Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia.

The Institute owns two 90-foot long barns on half an acre of land in Nemcinany, Slovakia – a beautiful village 5 hours from the Ukrainian border.

Initially, the goal was to convert the barns into a skill-sharing school for adults - a project that got halted by COVID despite power, water and other services connected.

The Ukrainian refugee crisis motivated the team to take action and transform the barns into shelters to support Ukrainian families in needed of long-term accommodation following the Russian invasion and destruction of their homes. 

An opportunity to provide housing for Ukrainian refugees

The half-finished buildings can offer safe housing and self-sufficient housing for up to 40 Ukrainian refugees for a minimum of two years.

Why Slovakia?

Slovakia is Ukraine's neighbour -  the countries share a border. It is a geo-politically safe distance from current military risks while culturally and linguistically suitable for Ukrainian refugees.

Become A Proud Volunteer


We’ve got a stellar team - that is no doubt! However, many hands make light work. 

Our team needs volunteers. Whether you're keen to get your hands dirty with bricks and mortar or you'd rather keep then clean behind a keyboard, we could use your help. If you’re able to volunteer your skills and time or even eager to travel to Slovakia to help us, please get in touch!

Practical help is appreciated as much as financial help.

Donate To Our Cause

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Every little helps

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Support our daily operations

Custom Amount

Make our dream a reality

Your Support Matters

Every cent fundraised is geared towards the achievement of our project - a safe, warm and comfortable home for Ukrainian refugees. Local support has been organised including from the township of Nemcinany and now, YOU - from wherever you are in the world, you can contribute to building a better environment for women and kids of Ukraine who had to flee their homeland. 

One AWESOME Sponsor

As a New Zealand-based not-for-profit project, we are proud to announce Rocketspark as one of our key sponsors. 

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Our office
The Grid/AKL
12 Madden Street
Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

Our shelter premises
228 Nemčiňany
Zlate Moravce

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