Doing nothing is NOT
an option.

Shelter for Ukraine is a New Zealand-based charitable project offering aid and a safe house to Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia.

Our Story. Our Mission. Our Goal.

We’re Tristram (UK) & Tamara (NZ) - together we co-founded the Taylor McCabe Institute (TMI) and acquired two 90-foot long barns situated on half an acre of land in the rural village of Nemcinany, Slovakia - 5 hours away from the Ukrainian border - with the goal of transforming them into an alt school.

Pre-pandemic, we worked tirelessly with the help of volunteers to upgrade the power, water and other services within the building. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented COVID events, works were suspended... until the 24th of February 2022.

On that day, with the rest of the world, we learnt about the millions of lives forced to evacuate their homes due to the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine. Over the weeks that followed, Europe faced its largest refugee crisis since WWII with over 5 millions civilians - mostly women and children - seeking safe shelter.  

Doing nothing was NOT an option. 

With the ability to home 40 people for at least two years, this terrible situation presented us with the immediate obligation to return to Slovakia and provide hands-on assistance, with builders on stand-by. The first objective; insulate the property, a critical feature required as the temperature in Slovakia can drop to as low as -20°.

This is where your help becomes necessary.

We have set up a fundraising goal to cover the installation of insulation, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, beds and food. Upon arrival in Slovakia, we also have a minibus ready to get the first 12 refugees from the Ukrainian border to warm and safe housing.

Although we’ve got a stellar team, many hands make light work. If you’re willing to volunteer your skills (NZ or Europe) and are fit to travel to Slovakia, please follow the link below.

The sooner we can reach our fundraising goal, the sooner we can provide shelter.