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Thank you Altaterra!

altaterra shelter for ukraine sponsorship

We are really excited to be able to let you all know that we have the entire floor structure completed for the school building and can now press on with the development of all the bedrooms!!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Altaterra and the amazing team that works there, all the roof windows were donated and are currently being installed by the local builders.

The whole building is starting to look like the vision we had when the war started and it won’t be long before we can achieve our goal of helping those displaced by it.

We will work with a team of Ukrainians, Slovakians and other international tradesmen, on the second stage of the renovation. Evidently, more materials and labour will be needed to complete our mission. These materials include:
·        Internal Fire rated doors
·        Heat pumps
·        Kitchen appliances
·        First and second fix electrical supplies
·        Insulation
·        Plywood sheets
·        Hardwood timber
·        Screws
·        Door hardware / Locks
·        Plasterboard
·        Poly Carbonate sheets
·        Windows
·        Steel
·        Concrete
·        Power tools
·        Beds
·        Mattresses
·        Paint
·        Plumbing fixtures and fittings / showers / bathroom fittings / toilets / sinks etc.

Altaterra's recent sponsorship boosted our hope more companies will chip in!

On that note, we would like to thank @Knauf-Insulation-Slovakia ( their generosity too! Thank you so much, you are really helping to make a difference.

If anyone out there has contacts or the ability to support us in any way, including with the materials, please contact us at

This has been one of the hardest journeys but the thought of being able to make a difference has meant the team from Shelter For Ukraine / TMI is more determined than ever to complete the project.


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