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Things are moving

Hi Friends,

We wanted to give you an update on how everything for Shelter for Ukraine has been going these last few months.

Norman (our project manager) and the boys have continued working through the winter in Nemcinany and deserve a medal for what they have accomplished. It has been freezing on site, but they have carried on regardless. The rooms are now looking amazing!!!!

Tam and Tris (the founders) have been working in New Zealand to develop a budget for phase two. In doing so, we have recruited more skilled people from around the world to come and volunteer this spring in Europe.

Luke, Taz, Dani, Ashley, Joe and Kane (the volunteer team 2.0) are all arriving over the next couple of months to give their time, energy and strength to push our project closer to completion.

We are really proud of what we have achieved so far and are in the process of organising donations from some major corporations across Europe; but more on that when everything is confirmed 😉

We'll keep updating you whenever we can.

Another massive thanks for your continued support - ngā mihi maioha  🫶🏾


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